Roy Thompson, The Bali Times, 18-24 June 2010Roy Thompson, who lives in Ubud, writes that a new book on Bali is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the island and its culture. The Bali Times, 18-24 June 2010 In the past few years there has been a plethora of books on Bali. Most of these books are primarily illustrative, for Read More
William Dalton, Bali Advertiser, August 2010Toko Buku Bali Advertiser, August 2010 Incredibly, ancient Balinese cultural traditions remain intact today alongside 21st century modernity and a highly developed tourist industry. Yet few visitors ever begin to really understand the colorful pageantry and the origins of the ritual practices that surround them virtually everywhere they travel on the island. Unpretentious and easily Read More
Michael Clugston, South China Morning Post, 22 August 2010Michael Clugston South China Morning Post, 22 August 2010 Any visitor to Bali with a shred of curiosity will wonder what, exactly, is going on: all that art, music, dance and celebration. Everyone’s a sculptor, painter or jeweller, it seems. Don’t these three million people know the world is supposedly hurtling towards a Western monoculture? Read More
Dr Rob Goodfellow, Jakarta Post, 5 September 2010Dr Rob Goodfellow Jakarta Post, 5 September 2010 Bali is one of the world’s best-known “tourist brands”. It is not just an island, but a phenomenon. Ironically, until recent times, most Americans, Europeans, Japanese and Australians knew something about Bali, but were not sure where Indonesia was. Yet, increasingly, Bali is the prism through which Read More
Ni Luh Dian Purniawati, Bali & Beyond, January 2011Ni Luh Dian Purniawati Bali & Beyond, January 2011 When I reminisce back to my childhood days, I remember how the Balinese people were so proud of their ‘Bali-ness’. There was one joke they frequently brought up. It goes that when a Balinese asks a tourist, “what do you think of Indonesia”, tourists back in Read More
Hello Bali, 5 February 2011Hello Bali 5 February 2011 The production of books about Bali isn’t driven by the identification of a hole in the market, but the never-ending curiosity for the land of enigmas. “Secrets of Bali: Fresh Light on the Morning of the World” is an excellent book that examines almost everything about the island. When it Read More
Andrew Charles, Tropical Life, September – December 2011Andrew Charles Tropical Life, September – December 2011 It isn’t often that a reviewer has the time to read a book from cover to cover, but Secrets of Bali is an exception for me as I was asked to edit the text and therefore had to devote many hours to the work but please don’t Read More
Professor Michael Hitchcock, Aseasuk News 50, Autumn 2011Professor Michael Hitchcock Member of Executive Board Academic Director & Dean of Faculty IMI University Centre, Lucerne, Switzerland Aseasuk News 50, Autumn 2011 This is the second time that I have been asked to comment on this book as my positive assessment of the pre-publication draft appears in the foreword of the published version. However, Read More

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